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So I'll be turning 21 soon...

2008-01-21 15:20:25 by Rage

I'll be turning 21 on the 13th of March, 2008.

While turning 21 has a lot of legal implications, such as being able to purchase alcohol and getting a driver's license with a horizontal orientation (Instead of an underage one with a vertical orientation that makes you look and feel like a complete retard every time you take it out of your wallet -- Most US states do this so it's easy to determine if you're underage), there is one that takes my interest above all others.

21 is the minimum age required by federal law for the purchase of a handgun. I don't consider my self a gun nut to any extent, but I have taken sincere interest in owning one simply under the premise that one should be educated on the safe and effective handling and operation of firearms. In addition, the state that I live in grants concealed carry permits without too much of a fuss. I figure that if I'm going to get a handgun, I might as well take the extra step in going ahead and getting that permit.

Don't get me wrong here. Firearms are nothing to be trifled with, and if I purchased one, the very last thing I'd want to do is have to shoot somebody with it. Ideally, this situation would never happen, but it sure would suck ass to be a gun owner who needs it when it's not there. As the saying goes: "Any gun is better than a gun at home".

With that said, I've been doing plenty of research, looking at different types of guns, watching videos and lectures on operation and safety, and etcetera. I think I may have come to a decision on what gun I'll buy.

Enter the Para-Ordnance M1911 .45 ACP. See below.

I'll spare you all the boring gun talk (I'm not much of one to discuss guns, anyway). To put it in a concise manner, it's a pistol that means business. Overall, it just seems to be the most powerful pistol while still being reasonable in terms of ability to conceal, accuracy, dependability, and just downright looking neat. Although this type of gun takes a little more training to use than other pistol designs, it sounds like it'd be absolutely worth the experience.

There are many models available, ranging from those built for high capacity to those designed for concealment. That's a detail I'd have to work out later when I'm able to do more hands-on research.

Questions? Suggestions?

So I'll be turning 21 soon...


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2008-01-21 15:26:33

ill be turning 78 soon


2008-01-21 16:32:31

Happy Birthday In Advance RageVI!

If you came do you canada you could do sooo much more since the age to be an adult is 18. To have to wait 3 more years in the states just kills me.

Having a gun isn't so bad. Just ya know don't do anything absurd or let it get stolen or any crap like that.

The model you choose out seems pretty decent.

Anyways good luck with finding the perfect one for you!



2008-01-21 20:44:49

get a desert eagle if you want power
but for all around colt m1911

Rage responds:

That's the worst advice I've ever heard ;)


2008-01-21 21:56:49

Happy birthday!


2008-01-22 10:10:11

The M1911 eh? One of the best known pistol types I think. Almost every gun company has it's own version of it. Be sure to tell how was it, 'cause I'm interested in weaponry.


2008-01-22 14:00:31

A gun? OMG you want to be careful there mate... But if this is only for safety that's OK.

Enjoy yourself an'all.


2008-01-22 18:43:46

My question simply is: why?

Do you sincerely think that you are going to get beat up on the street, and will need a concealed gun to deal with the thugs? Do you really doubt your physique that much?

And anyways, since you can just drive, why would you even be caught on the street corner in the first place? Of course, you might just be walking because its better for the environment, but if the place you live is so unsafe that you need a concealed rifle, then I don't see why you would be walking.

Also, how much money are you going to put into this gun? Is it really going to be worth it in the long run? And if you get married and have kids, do you really want them living in a neighborhood where a grown man needs to carry a gun around to feel safe? I'm sure I wouldn't.

Anyways, I guess its just your decision, and there's nothing I can do about that.

Rage responds:

As much as the concerned sentiment of a 14 year old is entertaining, I'll humor you with a reply. After all -- I've already put more thought in to this than you probably believe. Rather than responding in a coverall statement, my response will be itemized by your statements and questions.

"Do you sincerely think that you are going to get beat up on the street, and will need a concealed gun to deal with the thugs?" --- One of my brothers were nearly murdered on the streets as the victim of a random, unprovoked crime. Do I sincerely think I'm going to be fighting off thugs in the street? No. Neither did most victims. While statistically improbable, the chance of being a victim of violent crime is always there. If you have read my post in entirety, you would realize that I said that ideally this situation would never happen. Read it again, maybe?

"Do you really doubt your physique that much?" --- Questions like this make me wonder why I'm answering them from an early teenager. Try thinking long and hard on this question. What am I going to do, engage a violent criminal in fisticuffs? This question is completely irrelevant, whether I'm bound to a wheelchair or I'm Arnold Schwarzenegger. What if they had a knife? A baseball bat? Crowbar? What if there were two people? More? A stupid question indeed. Legally exercising the right to bear a firearm doesn't make you any less of a person or any more of a criminal.

"And anyways, since you can just drive, why would you even be caught on the street corner in the first place?" --- This question can only be asked under two stupid pretenses: First, that there is no degree of walking once you arrive at any destination. Second, that crimes of this nature only happen on the street. I probably walk 20 miles a week and I don't even have a job at the moment. That's accompanied with about 5 hours of driving a week. Your question also fails to address the possibility of home invasion and, quite frankly, I don't know why you're asking this when you don't even drive yet.

"... if the place you live is so unsafe that you need a concealed rifle, then I don't see why you would be walking." --- Wake up. People who drive are forced to do lots of walking. ALL THE TIME. Who said anything about the place I lived being unsafe? If I lived in the safest neighborhood in the world, then would I be able to take that 'safeness' with me if I had a job downtown? If I were to go by the logic that your questions suggest, I'd be holed up in my house with a complete arsenal and no willingness to leave. Sometimes, you put yourself in a dangerous situation, sure. Usually, that dangerous situation comes to you though. Nobody has control over it.

"Also, how much money are you going to put into this gun?" --- This should be a one-time purchase and last throughout the rest of my life. A high-quality, dependable pistol could cost upwards of $800.

" Is it really going to be worth it in the long run?" --- Nice job. You just asked me if I can tell the future. Consider it to be a form of insurance. If anything happened -- just ONCE -- where I was able to save my life, the life of a loved one, or that of a complete stranger, then the answer is yes. Who wouldn't agree? If it isn't saving lives, then perhaps it's property. Then the question of whether it is 'worth it' or not becomes thoroughly circumstantial. I personally wouldn't shoot somebody if they were going to steal something and get away. Unfortunately, it's often the case that you are between the criminal and the property they desire.

"If you get married and have kids, do you really want them living in a neighborhood where a grown man needs to carry a gun around to feel safe?" --- Are these questions sorted in ascending order of stupidity? My God. Where do I start? First of all, you have no idea what the extent to which I would carry the weapon is. The way you're asking this makes it sound like I'd be packing heat every time I went out to go get the mail or the newspaper. Wrong. There are times when it is appropriate to carry something to defend yourself. There are other times when that is not so much the case. If you feel the need for me to explain what those individual scenarios are, then you can just hold your own.

You're also assuming that I wouldn't feel safe without having a fucking handgun. It's a state of readiness, "navij11", not paranoia. Jesus. Also, "grown men" (And women if you're going to get bitchy and technical) are the only ones legally allowed to purchase a handgun anyway. I don't know if you're suggesting a grown man is inherently childish in purchasing a firearm, or if you're just being stupid. As for the "unsafe neighborhood" remark, please read the first half of this response.

I don't consider myself a huge pro-gun nut or any stupid bull shit like that. Purchasing a gun isn't about being able brandish a gun whenever you want and to shoot away all of your problems with lead. It's about simply exercising a constitutional right (in the US), being ready in the worst case scenario, and hoping every day of your life that you won't have to shoot anybody. As a kid, I don't think you'll be able to fully understand or appreciate this without more time.


2008-01-23 00:15:57

When I first looked at the page, all I saw was the following:
-Turning 21 soon
-Legal complications
-A picture of a gun

...I placed it together and conceived something different. I hope.

Anyways, happy pre-birthday. :)


2008-01-23 02:29:39

A .45 ACP huh?

Yeah it's got the stopping power you need, that the lousy 9mm Glock's lack. You could get a Beretta 96 with LG-402M Lasergrips to go along with it.

If I were you though, I'd get a Kimber Eclipse Pro or Pro Target II, it's a highly respected gun in the field as well. I'm a gun collector with both of these pistols and can say they are both amazing.

The Beretta kicks more than the Kimber, but it's still a great gun. 35,000 psi (.40S&W) compared to 21,000 psi (.45 ACP)

Just some input.
Happy Birthday in march.


2008-01-23 04:20:33

21 on the 13th? You almost got me there buddy. I'll hit the mark 9 days earlier, but I'm already at a legal age to buy alcohol and all that jazz in my country.

Gun looks cool. You actually spelt out etc though. Bit of a disappointment.


2008-01-23 20:04:53

Rage, you are fucking awesome


2008-01-25 18:01:44

a dangerous man with a dangerous firearm...this'll be fun to watch...

ill go make popcorn!

Rage responds:

That makes a LOT of sense.


2008-01-25 18:56:00

Happy b-day dude. Sauer i think is the make, their pretty cool. But that one looks nice aswell. So are you aloud to take them around with you?


2008-01-25 19:47:12

or howabout a 357 magnum just cuz its cool?
or a double-barrelled shotgun because those are always fun :P
but ya, once u get it, go down to a firing range and practice with it
hell, film it n put it on youtube, ill watch it :D


2008-01-26 05:23:27

Go overboard and get a .50 cal rifle if it legal to have one in your state.

Rage responds:

It's legal, but as cool as they are, I don't need to shoot down a helicopter or hit targets from a mile away.


2008-01-26 17:21:39

Very nice choice. The US Army has been using the 1911M1 and other variations for generations. I don't think you could go wrong with making that purchase.

PM me if you live in MI and tell me what you had to do in order to purchase beacuse I plan on getting one when I turn 21-25.


2008-01-27 12:55:51

Thanks for the clarification. Living in a suburban neighborhood, I really have no idea about this stuff. You explained it all, and now I understand your reasoning behind this.

Rage responds:

Thanks for understand and not getting mad. I was a dick in my response #;-)>


2008-01-27 14:01:25

Lol my dad's b-day


2008-01-27 20:35:01

bra - i got banned 4 making a topic called "cuss wars" - then i actually a mod - and they said it was a good idea and it might happen -

and i was planning 2 be on the bbs all night 2day 4 the 1st time bra.

well - u know - just sayin -

or like .... beggin kinda.........

plz unban me :?



ps - shits thats a cool gun!


2008-01-29 07:52:00

and the best part... you get to shoot beer cans


2008-01-29 12:12:36

Happy soon to be Birthday.
I hope that your choice of gun turns out to be right for you.
I had a question, none to serious.
Do you think having a gun, not having on you per say, but just owning one, affect the way interact with you socially. There is no negative intention in the question it's just a simple query, because where I live, Canada, it's almost impossible to be able to carry a concealed hand gun. So I don't know what it's all about.
Congrats on your soon to be birthday.


2008-01-30 12:12:48

Do you draw all these dragons in your sig/profile picture/header? I love them.

Also, I like the look of that pistol.


2008-01-31 01:47:18

Good luck man. Plus, looks like we both have a fascination with dragons. I got them all over my profile page too. But mine pwns yours. : )

Rage responds:

You just said they own mine because you knew it'd elicit a response, even though it's not true.

Well it worked. Here you go.


2008-01-31 14:43:57

i would not envy the guy who gets shot with that!! lol im jokin, mighty fine weapon there, GET ONE FOR HOME SECURITY!!


2008-01-31 19:17:15

It's like you can read my mind.


2008-02-01 23:09:58

that's a nice gun. Have a happy birthday man!


2008-02-01 23:34:51

Your shinie gun intrugies me. Please leave a comment on my userpage XP


2008-02-04 10:18:21

Congrats on, that will come QUITE soon!!


2008-02-09 03:19:19

wow! you got a gun.. who care?


2008-02-09 16:36:30


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* Bumping any old topic without a good reason and new information.

You did this multiple times.

Start accepting.


2008-02-09 22:36:20

Man, if you are going to get a gun get this.


2008-02-10 02:14:04

If you're into power, neat looks, and bullet size, get a desert eagle.


2008-02-11 18:25:04

Get two :P


2008-02-12 17:20:30

you should get the .45 the larger surface area of the bullet has more stopping power then the 9mm and it does not have much more kickback. I say that from being a shooting range regular myself, ( yes I can talk about guns for hours). But if you are looking for one that will go though multiple people you should look in to the 9mm basically it just depends on what you want I myself am a fan of the new Springfield 45 but what do you what in the gun ?


2008-02-14 11:51:35

it looks a beast of a gun, but if your going for concealed carry, are you gonna buy a dedicated holster? Because that looks difficult to hide. Also, mustn't forget you need to clean and service your gun regularly. My advice: DEFINATELY not a revolver. NOT a shitty 2000 round 9mm. Maybe a walther? But hey, its the advice of a 15 year old (soon 16 mind you), take it how you will.


2008-02-14 14:43:38

That M1911 seems kind of chunky in that photo man. It doesn't seem like it will be easily concealed on a regular person (read civilian). Also I've never fired a weapon with what seems to be a grip mounted trigger safety. Is that what that is on the back of the grip? I don't think I'd trust it unless it requires the least bit of pressure to activate it. Also, have you fired that weapon on the range yet? It's very important that you do to assure the weapons compatibility with you as far as comfort and kick. Also also, (lol) have you decided on how you're going to conceal that weapon? That is important as well. After you've decided on a method for concealment I suggest you try it in the store. Ask to try the holster and walk around, run, jump, squat, stretch your arms high over your head,
bend over and sit down. To make sure you'll still be comfortable in all those situations.

I myself carry .38 special revolver almost everyday. I find it nice and compact and it's loaded with hollow points so that makes up for the smaller caliber IMO. I keep that one in a front of the pants style holster that is easily covered with a shirt. And before you say it. I keep the chamber lined up with the pin empty to avoid any dick and ball injuries.

When it's cold outside I carry my favorite gun. A P229 Sig Sauer .40 caliber with ergonomic rubber grips. That too is loaded with hollow points and would stop just about anything that I might come across that needs stopping. I carry it on those days because I can conceal it underneath a jacket in my shoulder holster. I also have a fag bag (fanny pouch) that has a holster built into it. I use that when I'm on a trip or something.

I also keep a 12 gauge pump in the hall closet for home defense. I've had several incidents where there was someone in my backyard. I could here them but not see them. The pump comes in handy for those situations because the unmistakable sound of chambering a round with a shotgun is usually enough motivation to end any fucking shenanigans without having to fire a round.

And last and least of my veritable armament is a small .22 semi-auto that can fit in the palm of your hand. That one is pretty worthless but it can fit into a pocket or my wife's purse easily as it's small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. Also, it's better than nothing.

Congrats on upcoming B-day and sorry for the long comment.


2008-02-15 12:42:00



2008-02-16 11:48:49

I've always thought of purchasing a firearm for myself.

Though to be honest, I've really taken into consideration of having one for my own protection. The chances of me being in a situation where I would be forced to use a gun is very slim. However, I do believe that you are right about it being a smart purchase for "life insurance" purposes.

I've gone to shooting ranges with a friend of mine quite a few times, and I've always found it entertaining to improve your accuracy over distances and shooting at moving targets.

Maybe I should take buying a firearm for safety precautions. Sure, it is highly improbable that I'll ever enter a situation where I would need to use one, it would still be entertaining to practice using it in a shooting range.

So I guess I'm saying even though you barely would ever have to use it for safety purposes, it still has a large availability for entertainment purposes.

Just my opinion on the matter (obviously)


2008-02-16 19:43:44

You're so awesome, that I'm star-struck and can't think of anything to say.....

I'll just go wit


2008-02-18 11:41:58

guns for pussys, knifes for professional


2008-02-19 01:04:52

Congratulations.Also,the gun is nice,not that I'm a professional.


2008-02-22 19:49:28

Pretty Pretty...Shiny Shiny...Lol.


2008-02-23 09:34:59

Hope you have a great 21st birthday. :)


2008-02-23 17:00:47

if ur going to get u gun get a desert eagle

Rage responds:

People need to stop suggesting this to me. Those are showguns. Movie guns. They are so impractical in real life that nobody actually USES them.


2008-02-23 23:13:01

Buy a gun and kill everyone.


2008-02-24 06:42:39

Take your gun an shoot this guy: t/85799


2008-02-24 16:30:05

Go to japan drink alot beer, and get shot.


2008-02-24 21:59:30

Your a mod in everything. YOU ARE SUPERMOD!


2008-02-25 21:47:52

What the fuck!

Thats MY Birthday!



2008-02-28 21:51:27

I used to have a glock, the upkeep on those things is easy. It's cheap and works well.