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Macs? Not for me. I'd rather not get ripped off.

2008-03-03 19:54:23 by Rage

First, let me begin this post by saying I never wanted to have a bias towards any type of machine. It's just not worth it. However, with the knowledge and experience I've gained over the past several years, I just cannot help it. I'll try and keep this short.

Are you a victim of aggressive branding? You might be if you purchased Apple hardware. After all, they just LOVE to rip you off. Now, I know fervent Apple enthusiasts would love to man their battle stations and pull some reason out of the air as to why they're not too expensive. However, some of the things I have pointed out on the BBS have gone unanswered and ignored, even by Mac nuts defending their territory to the left and right of me. I'm posting this here in hopes that somebody can enlighten me regarding the points I am about to bring up.

Not too long ago I was curious about what Apple has to offer on their online store. I clicked on the "Mac" tab and began to configure a Mac Pro (Apple's only computer that is reminiscent of the modular hardware that most of us are familiar with). What I saw on the configuration page was one complete ripoff after another. I'm talking about some of the biggest ripoffs I've ever seen in my life -- coming right off of Here are some of them.

Want to upgrade from 2gb of RAM to 4gb? $500

This is the worst deal I have ever seen in my life. You can build an entire computer that has 4gb of RAM for the price of this upgrade alone. You would think the RAM is really high end, so I checked. DDR2 800 mhz. Gee. I built a machine a couple weeks ago that also had 4gb of DDR2 800 RAM. The RAM cost me $75 (And it came with really nice metal heat spreaders too).

I hope you don't want 8gb of ram. That'll be $1500. Forget that you can purchase an entire computer with 8gb of ram for this price and still have room for a new LCD monitor -- Apple wants your business.

Anyone want to tell me what justifies this?

Want RAID? Tack on a RAID card. That'll be $800, please

Where the fuck do they come up with these prices? Most of you probably aren't that familiar with RAID cards. Basically, the Apple RAID card lets you use up to four hard drives in a RAID configuration. I mean, forget that you can get a card that lets you connect up to eight drives for only $250. The Apple card has Apple in its name. That's worth the extra $550, right?

So what's up with that?

Add an Apple Cinema 20" display. Only $600 and your soul.

Price rape with an LCD. What a great idea -- Ripping people off who still think that LCD monitors are "the new great thing". They'll never know that you just reamed them. For $600, this better be a wonderful fucking monitor. Let's look at its specifications:

Apple Cinema 20":
-Opt. Resolution: 1680 x 1050
-Brightness: 300 cd/m2
-Contrast ratio: 700:1
-Response time: 14ms
-Price: $599

Wait, are you kidding me? No, are you serious? This is possibly the worst 20" monitor I have ever seen on the market, and you're being charged up the ass for it. Don't believe me? Let's take a look at another 20" LCD on the market.

KDS K-20MDWB 20":
-Opt. Resolution: 1680 x 1050
-Brightness: 300cd/m2
-Contrast ratio: 1000:1
-Response time: 5ms (2ms grey to grey)
-Price: $199

Jesus Christ, people. If you're not fucking shocked, then you might need to read this again. This monitor is EQUAL OR BETTER THAN THE APPLE CINEMA IN EVERY SPECIFICATION. YET THE APPLE CINEMA COSTS MORE THAN THREE TIMES AS MUCH. That's right. You can by THREE BETTER monitors for less than the price of one Apple Cinema 20". I'm going to have to say this one more time: Apple is charging you three times as much for a monitor that is not as good. Or good at all, for that matter. Apple's 14 ms response time is going to give you ghosting while you game. The other monitor's 5/2ms response time is VERY GOOD. Without being a third the price.

It's bad enough that you get ripped off for a monitor with bad specifications, but it doesn't stop there. At least not for me. I've seen Apple Cinema displays in real life. Tons of them, in my school's digital arts labs. They are the worst monitors I've ever seen. If you leave a window up on the computer for five minutes, the image of the window gets burned in to the monitor so bad that when you close the window, you can still see a ghost image of it that's vivid enough that you can even read its text.

By the way. The Apple Cinema has a couple USB and firewire ports. For a little extra money (We're talking in the ~$220 range), you can get a monitor that has all of that plus a 9 in 1 card reader and extra input connections. Unfortunately for the Apple Cinema, Firewire is all but phased out at this point, and USB ports are abundant everywhere.

What about the OS? I could almost leave that to another news post. Just let me say that Mac OSX has crashed on me more than any other operating system I've ever used. We're talking about on high-end Mac Pros that have been booted from a fresh disk image. Multiple Macs have crashed on me while I was simply using Photoshop, Maya, or even clicking "Go -> Connect to Server". It's not just me -- Everybody has these problems.

By the way. At my university, there's a large computer lab that is divided in to two. One side has 12 high end PC computers. The other half has 12 high end Mac computers. As of the last time I checked (About five days ago), all the PCs are operational, but 4 out of the 12 Macs on the Mac side had paper taped over the screen saying they were out of order. That's just in that room alone. I know ITS has been busy with the Mac lab down the hallway.

Also, the OS has so many annoyances. One of the foremost annoyances is that you can not treat dropdown menus as an active object. For example, in Photoshop on the PC platform, you can select the dropdown menu for font, or perhaps the blending mode of a layer, and then use the arrow keys or mouse wheel to quickly zoom through all of the options and quickly see which one works best. The Mac OS doesn't let you do this at all. Things like that, aside from crashing and being less functional, is just another thing on the list that drives me away from Mac machines.

Oh, and Macs being better at video/imaging/art crap? Stop living in 1989. Not applicable anymore. There are so many fucking idiots who still believe this. There was a topic recently where a user wanted to know if he should buy a computer from Apple or from Dell. Long story short, the Mac was half as powerful as the Dell (It had half the processor cores and half the memory), and yet numerous idiots were still recommending it for imaging/media work. Nice job, recommending a dual core over a quad core for video editing. Along with having less memory, slower memory, and a worse video card. (By the way, the Mac still managed to cost $300 more).

I'm sorry, people. A couple years ago I would have said that Macs are just another approach to computing solutions. Now I just think they're shitty ripoffs. I'm not as familiar with the Macbook line of products, but I'm already completely turned away from Apple as it is.

Any rebuttals to this damning evidence? Anyone?

Macs? Not for me. I'd rather not get ripped off.


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2008-03-03 19:58:57

I'm proud to be an owner of a fine Windows computer, thank you very much.


2008-03-03 20:05:10

I'm not a mac enthusiust, but If you get it from a wholesale dealer the prices aren't that bad.
The websites prices, though, are outrageous.

Rage responds:

How different are the prices? I can't imagine them being lower to a satisfactory degree without Apple sharpening their axes.


2008-03-03 20:09:44

For me the OS alone is worth the cost =3...
I'm no computer wizbang and an idiot proof machine is right for me. I've had a crash maybe 3 times throughout my use of my mac and I often have flash ps and maya open at once with little to no lag.

I upgraded my memory myself and am the proud owner of 2 non apple monitors tho.
once apple allows 3rd parties to make computers with their os I'll be happy to switch but for no buying all new software and learning on in my view shakey unprotected os just isn't for me.

But I do hate having to pay twice as much for a computer that is relatively a few years behind. but i'm still happy on my 2005 powerpcG5 and am yet to have issues with it, other than cost.

Rage responds:

At least you caught on to their monitor scheme.

You're young right now. When money actually starts to mean something to you, Macs are going to be that much less attractive. It's no longer acceptable to me to pay twice as much for something not as good. You just can't get through life throwing your assets away like that.


2008-03-03 20:13:01

i agree about the ram..for the record apple owners should but their own ram - not though the apple store. its very easy to install your own.

for the record, all the years and all the macs ive owned, ive had far less problems with them than PCs. hell in the newgrounds office the only computers breaking down and crashing are PCs. (out of about a 50/50 pc mac split).

and you could argue they're not better for graphics, etc. thats a valid argument. I own one simply because I think the operating system is far more streamlined and easy to navigate, crashes less, and is more visually appealing. and to nitpick, macs render fonts slightly differently than PCs, but that's a small detail left up to the individual.

sounds like you should just get a PC. i myself think windows is complete garbage so im happy to pay a premium to get a machine that rarely if ever gives me problems.

(Updated ) Rage responds:

I can appreciate that you've had a better experience on Macs over PCs. That's not up for dispute. It's just not the same case with me. As far as navigation goes, I simply disagree and that can only be chalked up to personal preference.

How do you feel about the prices (of other components)? I don't think the price will ever justify purchase of an Apple computer. Period. I was given about $1100 recently to build a new computer for a friend. New monitor and everything. If you were to configure a nearly identical Mac Pro (So that the Mac Pro was slightly worse than what I built), it would cost $3,598.00. Phenominal. That's so bad that I almost question the legality of it.

About the "You should get a PC comment", I'm not buying a computer at the time. Maybe soon, but I've already made up my mind that I will never purchase a pre-built computer again. Bottom-up from now on.


2008-03-03 20:15:27

woo0tabegah teh ^:-) ^


2008-03-03 20:23:58

Haha, that reminds me..
At the moment I'm in a Computer Maintenance class (By which at the end we'll be taking a test to get A+ Certified) and our teacher showed us something about the Mac website.

Since he owns a MacBook Pro (he's satisfied with it he says, I dunno) he decided he wanted a little more RAM. Well, he goes to the Mac website, searches around for more RAM and finds it.

4 GB or Ram -> $600 ( /WebObjects/AppleStore.woa/wa/RSLID?n clm=552B35F)

Ok, so that seems a little pricey, he says. But since it's from the manufacture it SHOULD be good right? Well just to make sure, he goes ahead and checks other sites, such as

Low and behold, he could get the exact SAME RAM, for around $75-100. That's at least $500 in savings. (I think.. this happened a while ago)

Just goes to show you should always look around before you actually buy :p


As far as the Macs being better/worse than PCs: I have not really touched a Mac. I did a couple of times, and it was alright, but I still couldn't get over the one click (instead of two on PCs). So I'll prolly just stay with my wonderful XP :p

Rage responds:

The RAM was compatible? If that's the case, I just can't help but wonder why Apple is still in business.

Oh wait, it's because of their user base who chooses not to be knowledgeable on the products they purchase. Whatever. It's their money, not mine.


2008-03-03 20:24:24

The websites price was $3500.
The price I payed was $1999.

Rage responds:

I built a better machine for $1000.


2008-03-03 20:24:52

Expensive... yes,
Amazing ... yes.
I will never go back to a PC, ever.

Rage responds:

So you'd rather have amazing and expensive than amazing and economical? Right.

Show me any Mac and I could build a MUCH better computer for less than its price.


2008-03-03 20:26:27

true , but vista is still the worst os ever

i dont own a mac but i own a windows vista and lets just say almost nothing works with it right and as far as i can tell its just a visual upgrade from xp.

its so bad that if i had to pay a reasonable amount of extra money to be able to get xp i would.

Rage responds:

You should have gotten XP in the first place. The last machine I built has Windows XP 64 bit Professional.

No OS has ever worked better in my experience.

Vista will be good when they start releasing service packs anyway. Vista's DirectX 10 is the future gaming front.


2008-03-03 20:44:24

Hey, I know this is totally unrelated, but your avatar pic is stunning!


2008-03-03 20:47:43

I can't build a computer.
I did get the 8 Gb of ram.
I also run Windows XP and Linux in my computer.
It has never crashed and it runs very fast for $1999.


2008-03-03 20:51:30

I will just as soon attempt to hijack a plane at gunpoint than go out and buy any Apple product.


2008-03-03 20:57:34

I agree with you 100% on this.
I would never buy a mac ever.

My school uses macs for all the art and graphic classes and they crash all the time or just completely lock up or stall loading stuff.

I do not know if this is mac related or just my schools fault but using these macs to network between another just causes more problems moving files between them or staying connected to some other machine or what have you.

The OS it self I really do not care for their is more that drives me away then pulls me to likening it.

My teachers tell me that a computer and a mac with the same specs will have the mac perform better on programs such as photoshop, ect.... this i can not believe at all.


2008-03-03 21:46:05

PCs=For people who want to actually do things with their computers, as in program, build, upgrade, etc.
Mac=Amazing user interface, and really way easier to use (and to look at) than PC, but the prices of upgrading are outrageous, and it's harder to customize.

But yeah. Some of the prices are crazy. I still love macs, because I don't need a mac pro or anything besides the basics. And for my basic needs, mac is easier to use and faster than a PC. Not to mention SO aesthetically pleasing. :3

(Updated ) Rage responds:

I personally find the "PC" interface easier to use and look at. There goes that comment.

Also, there's no such thing as "faster than a PC". A computer I built for $1000 is faster than a $3200 Mac Pro so that statement means nothing anyway.


2008-03-03 21:51:21

Oh, thank you for linking back to that old topic I made about "Is it water on the knee" in that copycat topic. I like people seeing all the funny things I have done on the BBS.


2008-03-03 22:55:20

But you don't understand, Macs are for artists!

I study in Multimedia, and my friends can't live one day without reminding me how shit is my PC and how supreme are their macs. Funnily enough, when I ask them why they prefer macs over PC's, they can't come up with any valid reasons.

By the way, the grey mac interface doesn't give me a boner

Rage responds:

Yeah, it's funny how in our digital arts labs, the macs are down half the time.


2008-03-03 23:06:32

Look, I like PC's and all, but Macs are the best computers. They come with stuff you need for school to, like Microsoft word. And the new OSX is FAST. I do agree that on the website the price is high, but who the hell cares? I mean, PC's are complicating, and Macs can make it easy, got me?

Rage responds:

It's so typical of a Mac-obsessed individual to say they're the best computers without accompanying that statement with ANYTHING. If you're in school (college), software like Microsoft Word usually costs you like $9.

And why the fuck would I pay $2200 EXTRA for a slower computer? Do you have any fucking idea what kind of computer I could build for $3200? It sure as hell would put each and every Mac to shame.

And good God, just what the hell makes a PC complicated?


2008-03-03 23:21:43

The only reason I'd get a mac is that just about any good multimedia job worth its salt requires mac experience, and I've had practically none. >:(

Of course, the amount of money one has is usually inversely proportioned to their amount of common sense/thinking power.... usually. People who want an idiot-proof computer would probably think "durrr... Mac!" and just type in apple dot com and slap down whatever amount of money Apple asks them to pay without even considering if macs can be found for cheap elsewhere.

I've been wanting my own computer for some time, but I'd want to earn and save up my own money before making a purchase.

(Updated ) Rage responds:

Did you even read my post? Macs no longer have the advantage working with multimedia. That's especially true when you consider that you could get a machine that's twice as powerful for the same price as a Mac.

I mean, if you could get a quad core processor with 8gb of ram for the same price as a Mac with a dual core processor and 2gb of ram, then which computer is suddenly better for multimedia (and anything)? Both machines now run the same architecture, so it's almost completely down to what hardware you can get in your machine -- Apple just charges you 3x as much for the same deal.


2008-03-03 23:34:30

Macs are great computers, but yeah, pricey.

I want one, but Im not getting one because I would rather not spend my whole savings for one.

Rage responds:

What do you want one for? If it's for the simple-minded "It looks pretty and is easy to use" drivel, I probably can't change that, but otherwise you can get a much better machine for less money.

Just think about it.


2008-03-03 23:37:59

I have always heard good/bad about both. I prefer PCs and anytime I go to look at getting a MAC I see the price, barf in my mouth a little, and leave. Maybe they are good machines but like you said, why pay the exorbitant price when you could build a BITCHIN PC for the same price.


2008-03-04 00:31:22

"i disagree, and i like macs" "Holy crap! theyre to expensive and i can build a faster one!"

(Updated ) Rage responds:

This isn't about the people who like macs or the debate that occurs between them and other people. It's about how Apple, as a company, rips people off on their products.

The relevancy of your comment is lacking.


2008-03-04 00:57:58

the only thing macs have going for them is their nice-looking interface. if only vista wasn't such a piece of crap :P

some of my friends are linux-nerds, and whenever i mention windows, they all say "omg microsoft sucks ass linux is the best," but i don't have any experience with said operating system. what would you say in regards to windows vs linux? they say windows is the shittiest OS ever, but after 7 years of updates and service packs, all my problems have stemmed from my hardware rather than the OS itself.


2008-03-04 01:01:54

pardon my double-comment, but in a further rebuttal to thetrixsta's mac-loving comment, there's an open-source version of Word called Writer. it's just as good, y'know, only free. comes with a whole suite of stuff that MS Office has.


2008-03-04 04:37:55

lol @ computer arguments


2008-03-04 06:19:51

id have to look into it, but ive seen several price comparisons between a high end mac and pc that were fairly close (that doesnt include a monitor or apple ram though)

it seems like with PCs (from my experience) there's always some hardware compatibility issue that just ruins you week. since apple makes sure the installed hardware and software have no issues from the get go, you usually don't have a problem.

i only had one major issue 3 years ago with my machine crashing, but it turns out it was bad ram i bought from a third party.

Rage responds:

Most of the work involved in building a computer is knowing what part will work with what. That's the hard part. Once you order all the parts themselves, assembly is a "snap", heh, heh.

Built my last computer and haven't had a problem with it ever.


2008-03-04 06:21:41

just a suggestion, you could try going into an apple store and asking them all your questions, they'd be able to answer better than anybody here.


2008-03-04 07:12:01

Okay, I think that most of us would agree that the prices are absolute rubbish, however, the programs which you can use on macs are absolutely amazing. The fact of "Oh but it has better hardware" cannot come into it if it doesn't have the good software, like it comes with on of the best software to make a podcast right from the get-go. Also for almost all musical mixing, you will need a mac as the programs which are best for it, are made for macs as PCs have had problems which macs have never had. Also at my tafe, they only use macs. THey have had no problems for years and the performance it outstanding.

Sure, PCs have their advantages, can get cheaper hardware, play more games, but if you were doing a creative job, Macs can get sooo much better software. So in the end, you can't say "Macs are shit," because it is all a matter of what you want it for, to do normal things or play games, PCs are naturally better, but if you want to make podcasts, record and mix music, and stuff like that, then a mac is better. So seriously, there are no 'better' computers, it's all a matter of what you want it for. Like I only use PCs because i love my games, but i respect macs for their creativity.

Rage responds:

Hello, you're telling this to a dual degree undergrad in Digital Art and Computer Science who has produced music as a hobby for 7 years. Yes, in the end, I CAN say Macs are shit.

Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Garageband can all kiss my ass. I've used them all and they are absolutely no reason to spend three times more to use on a Mac. You're simply hanging on to the "Macs are for creative use" sentimental bullshit that has been made completely outdated in the past five years. Why would I get a Mac if Photoshop runs on PC? Or Maya? After Effects? Flash? Reason?

Yeah you go on to say Reason is the best program when it's on the PC too. Nice. (By the way, I have Reason and I think its sequencer is complete shit).

I'll just put it this way. There is NO program on the Mac that either isn't offered for the PC as well or has a viable counterpart. Given that, why the fuck would I spend money out my ass for a Mac when a PC will do it faster for less money?


2008-03-04 09:29:28

Way to spark up the old Mac vs PC debate again... I use PCs more but here are the pros and cons in a nutshell at least as far as I know:

Mac Pros
Generally are more stable systems then the PC (pro PC builders and maintainers are an exception to the rule).

Handles most memory heavy processes (video editing, 3D) easily without you needing to give it a tune up yourself (a point I think you forgot to mention about the PC)

You can count the various viruses for apple macs on one hand.

has a PC simulator so you can run PC only programs on it, the best of both you might say (not 100% certain on this since haven't tested it).

Mac Cons
Has a tiny software library selection compared to the PC.

When things do go wrong with an apple Mac it's generally harder to fix then a PC or at least by yourself

Too expensive? x.x then again if you were taking on microsoft what would you do?

PC Pros

Has an enormous variety of software and to be perfectly honest is the system most developers consider first, since most companies use it (personally I consider this to be 3 good points rather then one).

When something goes wrong with a PC, unless it's serious it's generally easier to fix and/or recover data.

As a general rule PCs are more compatible with files originally created on a Mac then vice versa.

PC Cons

You generally need more knowledge of PCs then you do with macs to get the same kind of specs, mac haters here or not they're generally more idiot proofed now then they used to be

Microsoft operating systems are always running dos in the background you just can't see it, how exactly is that more efficient?

has countless viruses, trojens and spyware you need to protect yourself from if you go online.

Because PCs have so much variety with what they can do they get clogged up with crap more easily, meaning system reinstalls and tune ups are needed to keep things working at top speed.

As with every other operating system developed by Microsoft you should NEVER get their newest OS until the reviews say it's stable, because they always release them before they're really ready.

Although files being easy to recover is a good thing, it's also a bad thing too, the only 100% garentee you destroyed data is by destroying the drive it was put on or by giving it to a specialist data destroying company.


2008-03-04 10:42:22

In reference to flash-samurai's comment about mixing music on mac.... have you ever heard of fruityloops? I use it to mix techno on my PC, what about ProTools... since ProTools runs better on PC and it is what professional recording studios usually run I assume you rate garageband as more than what it is, way too simple. It has the lowest production quality of any music mixing software that I have ever seen used. If you use a mac for music mixing, I suggest trying out fruityloops on a PC, it runs better and has way more adjustments for production, of any genre. Yet even with how awesomely better than garageband it is, it is nothing compared to ProTools, though unless you have a recording studio, fruityloops is the best choice for the price.


2008-03-04 11:33:10

I don't know about Macs, but a PC standard package should include a priest, because Microsoft is the devil.

I still prefer PCs though.


2008-03-04 15:06:08

And do anybody actually know WHY we call microsoft the devil?

Of course not. We have no reason, just act like the next person.

PC > Mac ftw


2008-03-04 15:39:07

In reference to HollowSiX, Yes, i have used FruityLoops. I seriously hate it. It is absolutely worthless in my opinion if you are doing anything except for techno, happy hardcore (infact I know someone who writes whole songs using FL Studio) or anything generally in that genre. And Protools? Pales in comparison to Reason. Reason is most likely, the ultimate mixer. I have seen a lot of people use it in mixing studios, and it is waaay more capable of making music for any genre. Garageband is a pretty good mixer just to start with. Thanks for the advice, but I'll stick with Garageband and Reason.


2008-03-04 15:56:56

I agree with you 100%.

I used to work for Apple as a Sales "Associate" at one of the first Apple stores, and the whole experience soured the brand for me.

You're right, it's ridiculous how much you have to spend to get a brand new Apple. You can easily build your own Windows or Linux PC for almost half the money. Especially with how incredibly plug-and-play the majority of PC components are. But what can you say, Apple has a monopoly on their own hardware market. You can't go to Fry's or Best Buy and build a Mac PC from scratch. You HAVE to order one through or buy one through an Apple certified dealer. Therefore, they're going to price their PC's and components at whatever price they want because they they know they're legion of rabid mac zealots will do anything to say a giant "fuck you" to Bill Gates.

I had to filter through dozens of those mouth breathers every day when working for the Apple store. I was there at ground zero when the iPod was released, and you have no idea how many morons bought a $2,800 G4 Powerbook laptop just because it would go nicely with their new iPod. Of course, it would have worked just fine on a $1,100 iBook, but I guess that wasn't fast enough to surf the web and download email. RRRGH!!!

As a developer who has used Photoshop, Flash, and Illustrator on BOTH machines on a regular basis, I've found OS X to be slower when playing swf files. Even slower when testing in a browser. Apple says Adobe runs faster on Macs, but it's at such a ridiculously small amount that I simply don't notice it. I don't batch-process 1000 High-res PSD files with Gaussian blur like they do in their tests. I just make online games... at 72 dpi... like 99% of all other web developers out there.

Plus, it infuriates me that Apple has such smaller support for PC software. Allowing a Mac to dual boot into Windows because of the Intel processor has been the smartest thing they have done in years. There aren't that many games for Apple as there are for PC. It's hard to find games from independent developers on Macs.

What's nice to know is that not every macky is happy about the latest crap that's come out of Apple. Steve Wosniak is frustrated over the Macbook Air, Apple TV, and the iPhone. _frustrations_with_iphone_apple_tv_an d_macbook_air

The final word: Macs are for people with too much money who are either too stupid to learn Windows or just want a pretty looking computer with free membership to an elitist club of smug, condescending geeks. I am NOT saying that Windows Vista is the better choice. That turd needs to be buried. However, a modern machine running Windows XP could still run laps around any Apple AND cost a fraction of the price.

(Updated ) Rage responds:


Fucking this. Thanks for the comment.

If people simply saw the dollar bill signs in Steve Job's eyes and realized they're paying stacks of cash for overpriced hardware, Apple would be a sinking ship.

But you're right. Most people simply cannot let go the elitist sentiment that's paired with being part of the small percent of people that don't use the "other" kind of computer.

I'm still laughing at the dual core Mac with 2gb of memory costing $300 more than a quad core PC with 4gb. And a better video card. And faster memory.

And people still recommended the Mac for process-heavy tasks. That just demonstrates the absurd degree to which many Mac users have been programmed to believe about their machines.



2008-03-04 16:48:36

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Personally, I'm a mac fan but that's just me. I do agree with you that some of the prices are jacked up pretty high. I don't endorse using hack-macs at all and neither will I say that they work just as well but for about 200 bucks.


2008-03-04 17:09:32

Fair. You're completely right, i just wish i could build a computer. Besides, windows is always better for devolpers anyway. Am right, or what?


2008-03-05 17:50:27

I could care less about how much it costs, I'm rich.

Rage responds:

Not rich in the head. That's for sure.


2008-03-06 01:53:20

RageVI, you just owned Mac fanboy's reasons to buy a Mac.


2008-03-06 05:42:14


But you really didn't need to write all of that, most people already know why Macs suck.


2008-03-06 20:28:12

If only those idiots who say "Macs are better,they gots no viruses and they is good n stuffs" could see this,I'm sure they'd switch in a heartbeat.


2008-03-06 23:15:12

Macs do suck.


2008-03-06 23:39:04

I love you.

*waits for bolo to post.*

Rage responds:

Bolo posting isn't going to make Apple's shit any cheaper.


2008-03-07 16:12:15

Yeah, apples suck. w/e.

Why don't you come onto the Mod my life forum where I may ban you and lock your topics. :D



2008-03-07 18:46:37

If macs are this bad, then how come Pro Tools is the "industry standard." I see all of these computer music magazines saying "GET A MAC. THERE'S LOGIC AND PROTOOLS. YOU NEEEED IT TO PRODUCE!" And I say the same thing: Its a fucking rip off.

I know there are lots of negative features to Windows having a monopoly, but one good thing that would come out of it would be Universal compatibility. I can run Windows and Linux on one system, but noooo! Mac OS isn't compatible with my hardware! I am not rich, so I happen to run an AMD processor, but guess what? Mac + AMD = nono.

I hate how schools invest so much in Macs. The worst part is how it gets all of the students thinking that Macs are the best, because they are too retarded to figure out how to work a Windows PC. Its horrible.

All I could say is boycott. Too bad Apple rakes in so much from the millions of iPod fans, and iTunes buyers. Do a bit of math, and you can see that it would take over 30,000 dollars to fill up one of the larger iPods with music from iTunes. But that's a different topic (further reading: /when-pigs-fly-death-of-oink-birth-of .html).

Anyways, I agree. :)


2008-03-08 07:12:02

Macs rule!!!!!


2008-03-08 07:12:46

Macs rule dashbord more stuff windows suck

Rage responds:

Exhibit B, everyone


2008-03-13 16:35:58

Macs are a lot of nothing. To be honest, when I think of Apple, all that pops into my head are Ipods.


2008-03-13 16:56:31

OMG! That's crazy - Agreed.


2008-03-14 23:09:24

Meh. It takes a lot to crash a Mac, in my experience. I personally prefer OS 9.2, but OS X Leopard is pretty good, too. And I'd never buy hard drives or RAM from apple. I'd get some nice cheap ones. I originally wanted to build a Hackintosh, but there are still problems with those, so i bought a macbook pro. the desktops may be super-overpriced, but the laptops are pretty good deals. Over the years, i've owned performas, IIGS's, G3's, G4's, G5's and Macbooks/Powerbooks of every sort, and they've never let me down. And believe me, i overload the computer... i run PS CS3, 3Ds Max, music, and pr0n all at once.


2008-03-14 23:21:35

This is the most awesomest argument ever, I put it in Notepad and printed it. Now if anyone says "PC sucks get a Mac" i'll pull out this argument


2008-03-18 17:08:23

I'm perfectly happy with with my Windows XP and I'll never switch to OS and I won't switch to Vista until they fix it, damnit. All the time, I hear people whining about their PC crashing on them all the time, and I never have any of the problem they describe!