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You did a great job! It seems that this submission is not getting the score that it deserves. This is probably because you said "My first submitted movie". People are going to assume it's crap when you say that, but this isn't.

I voted 5 in hopes that it will be protected. I hope it is. If not, just submit it again, and have some actual comments about your movie, instead of saying it's your first submission. This deserves to be saved.

It's a great sprite movie.

This is one of the best sprite movie's I've seen in a while.

I have just one problem...

Credit the people whose music you used!

You used one of my songs, named "Uber Rave", and another of ParagonX9's. You need to credit all the authors! =)

A great animation, though.

MechaFox responds:

I did credit the people in the music wait all the way to the end of the animation the credits flow upward on the right side of the screen

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Very cool game! It's like reverse "Defend your castle". Stylish!

Well done. I just have one minor complaint, though. If you have more than one foot soldier attacking the castle .. no matter how many are attacking, they can all be killed by the hot oil (or whatever is being dropped from the castle) in one hit.


Everyone seems to hate that. I guess I'll make it kill only one person in the next version.


From a BBS fantasy to a reality. Nice. I gave it a 5.

scottmale24 responds:

What can I say? I make dreams come true.

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A great start.

The song itself works very well but you need a lot of work on balancing and leveling. It also seems like you need to ground this with a beat of some sort. It's really light and just flying everywhere in the air, if you know what I mean.

To answer the question about the "sandstorm noise" - If you are using a program (such as a VST synthesizer or effect) and it's an unregistered/demo version, many people make it randomly generate noise. This way, only registered users/customers will be able to make full use of it. I'm nearly 100% sure that's the case here. The only ways around this are to either completely omit using it, or to purchase it.

SwatStar responds:

Thank you ^^

This sucks...

Yes, this sucks, just like the rest of your music. This is just an annoying lead synth with some very crappy samples sprinkled on top.

Not only are you lacking severely in quality, but you insist on going around to other peoples' songs and leaving shitty and pointless reviews when you aren't even capable of backing yourself up.

The Audio Portal is full of thankless retards like you who make this place SUCK. In fact, I think I'm the one who approved you for Audio Portal submission when you first submitted, and yet, here you are saying my music sucks. Not only is the song of mine you reviewed over 2 and 1/2 years old, but it's still better than your stupid crap.

Don't quit making music just yet, though. You're going SOMEWHERE with this. Just don't be an asshole and make a lot of enemies along the way. People will appreciate what you do more

Fanta5t1c responds:

yo man wussup,
yea man, i made this in like 30 mins so its gonna suck, but i dont make music taht ppl can listen to all the time, i make it for their falshs, and tahts what the audio portal is for. Its cool to have some real time music, i just got my new equiptment and ill be beastin. I ain tryin to make enemies, giving my opinion seems to be a lil to much for ppl to handle tho, ill suck up on that. Dude your music is nice, ive downloaded some of it too, but i download it to listen to in the car and headphones n stuff. Yea the rest of my music is a lead synth, actually its the same one for almost all of them, but i try to mix it uup a bit, i can tell you probably voted 0 on all my songs but you might not of.
We all have our own styles in music, you like new age trance techno dance stuff like that i dunno. But im into more of euro music, and my new equiptment is from europe.
i wouldnt consider myself a thankless retard, im really generous, i either vote 5 or 3 never 0,2, or 1. 4 if mkts ok. Dude im also 13! so probly lots of my music is gunna suck but at least ive got 1 download so my music dont totally suck, just think, my good stuff is yet to come, so dont totally dis me right now ill be back better than ever and maybe ill be famous, but i doubt it i never usually seem to have good luck.


It's not bad.

Just watch how much you lean on FL demo files =)

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